Application of Punching Plate in Agriculture In agriculture, punching plate has potential application and development prospect, of which professional technique and valuable suggestion are of great importance. Based on years' experience, we can provide you with accurate and satisfactory patterns of punching plate, and best solution according to your requirement. We can also provide suggestions from the sorting and drying of grains to molecular sieve and some agricultural machines.
We have unique professional technique in sugar industry. For example, high-quality centrifuge mesh has precise long-narrow hole and round hole. These sieves are possessed with accurate parallel lock-type lap joint which is easy to install. In addition, the Company also manufactures durable sugar-sludge filter mesh and sugar-beet press mesh, which can ensure the best filtration efficiency. Punching plate which is benefit to environmental protection also can be used in washing, sorting and picking, and other agricultural aspects.
Whatever type of punching mesh it is, Baima Company can help you to find the best solution in accordance with your requirements.

Construction Industry

  The punching products are multifunctional, diversified and have decorative functions, which can be used in indoors and outdoors. The applications of them in large-scale projects are as follows: Ceiling or sun visor series, or used in the decorations of numerous small public facilities and outside walls etc. The multifunction and practicability of punching products are essential elements in the design process of all architectural facilities. Besides, punching products also can be used in shop's design and decoration etc.
  Audiovisual Field
  The key to successful solution of punching plate in audiovisual field is to realize perfect sound effect, the transparency of high-pitched voice as well as unique and elegant appearance. More and more audio-system designers realize that it really needs high-quality and high-requirement punching metal-plate in the high-end product system. The products flexibly used in the audiovisual field are pushing forward to this direction.
With the assistance of Baima Company, we can help you to get the perfect pattern of punching mesh related to acoustics, and we can help you to find and establish unique visual effect in the selection of color.



Decorative Lamp
No matter in process design or functional requirement of lamp manufacturing, our punching products can provide best decorative effect and aesthetic feeling. Punching products of Baima Company are ideal products in lamp decoration and other requirements. With our superb and delicate manufacturing process for deburring and buffing, and then powder coating or spray coating, Baima Company can present high-quality and exquisite punching products for you, which can fully achieve the process requirement and lamp effect.

  White Home Appliances
  As different products are defined and classified as "White Home Appliances Industry", among which the punching products have various applications and each of them has independent requirement.
The punching drum of washing machine produced by Baima Industry Group leads the manufacturers of washing machine. Punching mesh can make the water flow freely, which makes the washing effect better and has the function of effective automatic dehydration. In dishwasher, Baima Group not only can provide various kinds of punching materials, but also can supply complete dishwasher meshes with different specifications and types to satisfy the demand of customers.
Punching products also play an important link in food cooking. Surrounded with gas disk with high-quality hole can make the flame burn effectively. Meanwhile, punching products also can be used in the panel of microwave oven, which can cover the food so as to avoid harmful radiation to human.
  Water Treatment Field

Numerous punching products are used in new water treatment industry and wastewater treatment industry.
  Chemical Industry Field
  Punching plate plays an important role in the corridor and precise filtration system of chemical plant.
  Food Processing Field

Punching materials are widely used in food processing industry, because more and more enterprises need high-quality punching meshes with high filtration efficiency.
  Brewing Industry
Punching products are applied in brewing industry with many different types, such as the filtration of wood pulp etc.

  Pharmacy Industry

Punching plate has particularity and extensive application in pharmacy industry, and has a precious value in the challenging pharmaceutical environment.

  Water Treatment

At present, the water treatment industry faces particular challenge in using punching products. The main reasons lie in the characteristics of water treatment industry itself and the use of materials in water-treating process. To overcome these issues, Baima Company uses special material such as austenitic stainless steel to ensure its corrosion resistance and durability.
  Petrochemical Industry

With extensive application of punching plate, it is also widely used and popularized in petrochemical field. It is used in special industrial application such as filtration of petroleum and exploration of natural gas. Also it is widely used in chemicals such as the corridor of chemical plant. Corrosion and risk are the common characters of all chemicals. So it is of great importance for Baima Company to produce high-standard and reliable products.
  Food Industry

The most obvious demand in food processing industry is the strict health standard. Punching materials can fully satisfy this standard. These materials are durable and have prominent heat property, and the solution of which is widely used in food processing industry.

Brewing Industry

Punching products are also widely used in brewing industry. According to the test, the good punching products are corrosion resistance and have fine filtration effect, and have the effects of safe, environmental protection, and clean etc. We can also punch very delicate and tiny hole, which is an excellent filtration product. On the other hand, punching products are also ideal choice for precision processing used in malt couch (malt processing equipment).
  Pharmacy Industry
Punching products can reach to a very high tolerance fitting in product manufacturing process, and it is very suitable for any kind of environment disinfection. The two properties are the first choice in pharmacy industry, so they are widely used such as plate disinfection etc.
  Cars and Transportation
In some industries, such as auto manufacturing and transporting industry, requirements for the process level of punching plate are high. According to industry standard, the punching fittings of auto manufacturing industry have high making standard and strict regulation. The specification, standard of auto industry, and quality management on products mean that only experienced punch manufacturers can satisfy the requirement of auto manufacturing and transporting industry. And Baima Industry Group has such experience and capacity.
Our punching products are widely used from airbag to exhaust equipment, and from ventilation system to decorative grilling. They are all designed according to the plan, which can protect the parts from the pressure damage, and protect people from injury in operation.
Automaker has been dedicated to keep lighter vehicle weight. They are looking for the highest fuel efficiency in combination with security system, and seek for light weight in combination with integrity of the structure and its intensity. Punching metal-plate can perfectly solve the problem.

Electronic Industry

In electronic industry, the application of punching products does not only display in one aspect, it also includes protection function, decorative effect and many other professional properties. Protection function: To protect sensitive electronic component from damage and operator from injury by dangerous power heat and accidental injury. Aesthetic aspect (decorative effect): Two aspects are included: To manufacture an attractive punching product; To make punching product integrate into the modern office environment. Then, it is also expressed as effective ventilation system (professional property), which shall be kept in the state of cooling as possible for the demand of electronic component. The above three special aspects of punching products are needed urgently and ideal choice in electronic industry.